In the Salon of Balzac – Interview with Julie-Anne Derome


By Guillaume de Pauw

Version française

Which piece of the concert do you prefer? why?
I can’t say that I prefer a piece in particular. I greatly appreciate Rossini’s freshness and the almost “Bachian” challenges of Marc Hyland’s trio. To reunite with Beethoven’s profoundness represents a wonderful return to the sources for me, from a violinistic point of view. And what a chance to play such a rare gem of chamber music as the trio of Chopin!
Which words does the work of Balzac inspire in you?
Modern! The observations of the psychology and behaviours in human beings in Balzac’s works don’t age! And I find them very modern and accurate.
The life of which artist of his epoch would you have liked to live? why?
To live as a woman in Balzac’s time can’t have been easy. Women had to follow established social codes. One artist who dared defying these codes was George Sand. She would, for example, wear men’s clothes in order to move more freely in Paris and to have access to places which were normally forbidden to women. She had a freedom of mind that I admire and she mingled with the greatest artists of the time.
A good music to listen to while reading Balzac?
As a musician, I must admit that I rarely listen to music while reading. My ears are too attentive to the sounds around me and I get too distracted by any background music. I want to have all my attention while I read a book to allow my mind to recreate the imaginary world depicted in a book, with all its subtleties, especially a great novel by Balzac.
What do you do these days when you don’t play music?
I stay active with my kids and I teach yoga.


In the Salon of Balzac on March 18th, 2018 at 3 pm at Bourgie Hall


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