In the Salon of Balzac – Interview with Steven Massicotte


By Guillaume De Pauw

Version française

Which piece of the concert is your favorite and why?

My favorite piece in this programme is without a doubt the Beethoven trio. Beethoven has a firey character which is so ardent and deep. The second I touch his music I feel possessed by it. It makes me feel so alive when playing it and I think the effect is similar for the listener.

Which piece is the most challenging?

The Chopin trio is definitevely the most challenging piece to play in his program for the piano. It is rather complex, like most of his music, so it definitely requires the largest investment of time to learn. Of course it is worth it because I get a lot of satisfaction from playing complicated things once they are mastered.

Which piece highlights the most your own instrument?

Chopin was a pianist who wrote almost exclusively for piano, so as you can imagine this piece gives the most importance to that instrument.

What will you enjoy about this concert in particular ?

These pieces are amongst my favorite! I also find the sound and the piano in Bourgie Hall very satisfying.

What do you do when not playing with the trio?

Especially during busy times of year, I often spend most of my days doing music; either practicing, teaching, playing with other ensembles, or even listening to music!

Did you recently enjoy a book, a movie or an other work that you would like to share?

Recently I discovered a movie which I thought was fantastic, « Edge of Tomorrow« . I think anyone who has seen it will know why! It made me think about how I could have done things differently if I could go back in time. The film is seriously underrated, and I will admit that it is not the type of movie that I would normally pull off the shelf. (Not that we pull movies off shelves anymore!)

Steven Massicotte

In the Salon of Balzac on March 18th, 2018 at 3 pm at Bourgie Hall


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